Worship Service @ 10 am:  Sunday, August 16,  Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost: Emmanuel Friedens Church's worship will be in-person (following the recommendations of WHO, CDC, NYS Health Dept, ABC and UCC Churches, and the church's insurance co). A live broadcast will also be available on our FACEBOOK page (Emmanuel Friedens Church) at 10 am for those of you not ready to retun in person. If you are unable to do so, watch and listen later.

Scripture reading: Isaiah 56:1,6-8; Sermon: A House of Prayer for All People.     Rev. Peter JB Carman, Pastor of Emmanuel Friedens Church,  is leading worship. 

Adult/Children-Youth Sunday Classes: Cancelled

  • Discussions in the Board Room
  • Gathering of parents in the Parlor (discussion on parenting issues)
  • Children in grades 3-6: Room 117 during the worship service- with Ms. Robyn  
  • 2nd hour: all children/youth gather together for a group activities

Shaping the Sermon Bible Study every Wednesday evening at 7 pm.  You will learn about the coming week’s scripture passages in conversation with the pastor. Learn about the background of each reading; bring your own thoughts and interpretations on how its stories speak to the world we share, and in our personal lives. Cancelled

Community News/Events:

Saturday, Augsut 29, 2020: Free Communiy Brunch hosted by Emmanuel Friedens Church  from 10:30-11:30 am.  TAKE-OUT ONLY AND Clothing Room WILL BE OPEN ON A LIMITED BASIS.